Please give a very warm welcome to my very own 'Cherry Hogg's'
 Just a few words about my own Cherry Hogg's (dogs)

Meet Alfie, my bridge baby. Alfie was a Rottie x Mastiff and the most gentle happy dog that you could have ever wished to have met. He was my first dog as an adult and I was blessed to have spent just a mere six years in his company.

He left us shortly after his sixth birthday after a short illness that was diagnosed as Osteosarcoma, and those of you with greyhounds and lurchers know all to well that the majority of dogs diagnosed with this condition don't make it.
I decided not to extend Alfie's life by amputating the offending leg, as of his remaining three, two had already been operated on.
So my big baby boy went to the bridge on the 20th November 2007 surrounded by those who loved him, on his bed, at home, whilst being fed chicken. He was laid to rest in my garden.
I pop out now and again and say hello, tell him how much he is missed and light a candle for him on his birthday and at Christmas.
Rest in peace baby boy and wait for me at the bridge
Forever remembered with love.xxx
Next came the Zakkaman. Zak is a Patterdale terriorist and maybe small in stature, but is big in attitude! He is an amazing little character with a heart as big as a lion and a fascination for foot licking.

He is however, not a dog for the fainthearted, like many of the terrier breeds, but I wouldn't be without him for all the tea in China. Zak is nine years old and getting greyer by the day, but hey aren't we all! Zakkaman likes to prove that he is an honorary sighthound by spending as much time as possible perfecting his roaching skills and I think he's rather good at them !

He's just so cute even when he's been digging up my lawn!!

Zak achieved the Bronze Kennel Club Award, but didn't go any further due to the amount of offlead work required on the Silver and his dislike of some other dogs. LOL!

My little man went to sleep peacefully on the 6th October 2013 bathed in  sunbeams in my arms. I can't thank my good friends Jo and Tanya for their support at that time.

Sadly Zak was diagnosed with T- cell Gastro Intestinal Lymphoma after what appeared to be a short illness. I can't help but feel robbed of those extra years of companionship that a terrier often offers dog lovers. 

We all miss him dreadfully and a cup of tea will never be the same without my special little man.

We miss you Zakkaman xxx

Meet Ruby my nine year old lurcher Princess. Ruby came to us whilst Alfie was still alive, but sadly only had a few months of his company. Ruby was twelve weeks old when we picked her up and was a very skinny nervous wreck who was scared of just about everything. She wouldn't walk anywhere and even she had to be lifted into the car as she hated being in it.

So I started by making the car a fun place to be with feeding and playing with her in it. We spent hours playing the 'chase me through the car game' and only went to fun places for walks. I still won't let her off lead in un-enclosed areas just in case she gets scared and runs.
She's like a different hound now, although she can still be a little timid at times.

Ruby and Bonnie are the very best of friends and love to play and sleep together.
Ruby earns her keep by accompanying me on Meet and Greets for the Greyhound and Lurcher Charities that I support.
Ruby has not achieved any Kennel Club Awards as she is far too important to lie down on the wet ground for a whole minute just because I asked her to and thinks that recall is for mugs!
Last but in no way least meet Bonnie. Bonnie is a thoroughbred Heinz 57 that came to us via a local rescue. Her and her brothers had been dumped in a cardboard box in Ireland and left to die. They were lucky enough to found and  brought over to England and into the care of Stevie at Four Paws Rescue. Bonnie gets to see one of her brothers every day when she comes into work with me as my work colleague adopted Diesel, as he is now known.

Ruby and Bonnie are like two peas in a pod and get along famously and are often found draped over one another.

Bonnie is now eight years old but she'll always be my Pup, Pup to me!
Bonnie is the only one of my dogs that has achieved not only the Bronze Kennel Club Award, but also the Silver too, and all at under nine months!

Sadly due to Bonnies need for 'personal' space around other dogs despite all of the socialising that I have done with her we will not be pursuing the Gold Award.


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